Dear M,Faiza Hasan's solo debut is a meditation on the nature of remembrance-the half complete, particular moments and familiar objects that constitute a personal self and history. Hasan's embroidery and drawings render specific memorabilia-personal items, family mementos and other items that form the record of a fragile and particular past.These works, done in charcoal and sometimes refurbished with gold, depict family photographs that were nearly discarded, documents that no longer hold value and a talisman from her great-grandmother. They explore themes of home, belonging, distance, love, grief and the mundanity of daily experience. In addition, each piece is located in a moment, as a way to bear witness to the year that was.

It began with a conversation between an artist and a gallerist who had never met and developed along with a friendship between two cities and telephonic exchanges. This led to the solo being shown at the little cottage in GALLERYSKE's compound in New Delhi, a reflection of the past year through visual letters.